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Focus Global is your premier dental wholesaler across the USA. We work with an established and trusted network of suppliers to make available thousands of products from over 200 different manufacturers. Focus Global has positioned itself as a global leader in wholesale distribution, collaborating with the biggest names in the business throughout the USA. 

From the very beginning, Focus Global showcased the verity of its commitment to excellence in becoming your most trusted dental wholesaler. We pride ourselves with our increasingly ubiquitous influence having opened offices around the world to be uniquely positioned to grow our purchasing & sales capabilities. 

With millions of dollars of inventory, and a fine eye for top-of-the-line products that represent the latest in dental development,  Focus Global's customers are guaranteed to receive excellent selections of  products and unparalleled services. 

Focus Global maintains strong and long-standing relationships with all our customers. We attach utmost importance to professionalism and business integrity, and are dedicated to growing our company through relentless effort in ensuring we stay abreast of current innovations.  Through honesty & integrity, we are committed to achieving success both for ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers. 

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