Currently, there are consultants who offer their services to support vendors with managing the many aspects of online selling. However, no one currently offers to take over the complete process of selling a product online. From the original point of purchase to the end point of sale to the customer, we continually work to eliminate the threat posed by the grey market and counterfeiters.

Focus Global does not consult, leaving the vendor to handle the myriad obstacles of online selling to himself. Rather, Focus Global takes over the process, thereby allowing the vendor to concentrate her energies on what they do best: product design, development, manufacturing, and innovation.

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Think of Focus Global as the first virtual brick-and-mortar business.

Just as a vendor sells to a retailer, they may similarly sell to Focus Global. Instead of one-off sales, Focus Global, together with the manufacturer, will analyze the market, forecast sales and place stock orders. From there on, Focus Global does the rest: shipping and logistics, warehousing and storage, promotion and sales across multiple third-party platforms, order fulfillment, customer service, reverse logistics, marketing, in depth reporting, and much more.

Focus Global is the first in the business to offer this kind of comprehensive service and we are excited to revolutionize the eCommerce industry.

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