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Your one stop — end to end — manufacturer’s
representative for eCommerce sales

We are eCommerce experts who will help maximize your online presence and continually grow your sales

Focus Global is an all-encompassing eMarketplace manufacturer’s representative. With the growth of eCommerce showing no signs of slowing, Focus Global is an expert at maximizing a brand’s growth on all eCommerce platforms. We do it with integrity and quality control, ensuring that your product and brand value are never compromised.

The retail business has
fundamentally changed!

Twenty-five years ago, eCommerce did not exist. Today, the eCommerce field is growing exponentially each and every year. Worldwide, eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4 trillion by 2020. With the proper placement, a retailer has access to millions of shoppers that he would never have had with only a brick and mortar shop.

Your business can not afford to miss out!

More than half the population, or about 190 million U.S. consumers, will shop online this year.

Amazon's revenue alone in 2016 was $135.99 billion, up from $74.45 billion in 2013 and up almost 900% in the last 10 years

Eighty-three percent of primary household shoppers shopped on Amazon at least once last year

The opportunities in eCommerce are endless...
but so are the pitfalls.

As eMarketplaces have grown, so have sales, competition and fraud. On Amazon alone, there are multiple third-party competitors using your brand, fighting for the lowest price...

The pitfalls of eCommerce:

Third party sellers

Third party sellersUnauthorized third-party sellers are effectively driving down the price and devaluing your product and brand.

grey market

Grey MarketGrey marketers buy their products overseas at steeply discounted rates and sell them online well below MAP pricing. This quickly turns into a price war with other third-party sellers and irreversibly destroys a brand’s value and reputation.

grey market

CounterfeitersCounterfeit sellers are making money selling knockoff products under a brand’s logo, easily destroying the brands reputation, value, and trust in their name.


The eCommerce Frenzy There are new eMarketplace platforms popping up daily. Maintaining and growing sales on each of these platforms has become prohibitively difficult.


Focus Global is the only end-to-end
eCommerce manufacturer’s representative
that delivers results!

While other companies may offer consulting services for your online business, leaving you with the daily grind of managing all of the sales by yourself, Focus Global offers a completely comprehensive package that manages the entire eMarketplace landscape from point of purchase with the vendor to point of sale to the consumer.

While you focus on doing what YOU do best — product development, manufacturing and marketing - Focus Global will do what it does best: eCommerce sales.

Selling online is not easy. However, with Focus global as your eCommerce partner,
the rewards will be tremendous, resulting...

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